Northern Wood Products
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Rick Maher-President/buyer
About Us

The Maher family has been involved in the logging and sawmill industry for several years.  Today, the logging operation is running full service in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. We intend to find the best services and prices for your standing timber today.

Whether you are wanting to know if your timber has value, want a forest clear cut or just want to harvest some trees to maintain a full, healthy forest, we will come to your forest for a free consultation. We will determine if trees are     diseased and need removed, if they are over mature, or if they should remain. Healthy forests should be harvested  several times, to create new growth for younger trees. We want to get you the best price for your timber.  If you are worried about the appearance of your land, don't. We will keep your property nice after completion of a job.


The Maher family is a four generation, family owned company with our own equipment. We will treat your property as     if you are part of our family as well.